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      "Sally Jablonsky’s untitled exhibition at V du V Wines explores the struggle between representational and non-objective painting. With generally thick brush strokes, Jablonsky creates wry and detailed portraits of friends and family. In Party Boi, Milo My Heart, Jablonsky’s smirking partner is seated before an outdoor fire, wearing a bandanna topped with a conical hat—a little taller than a standard party hat, but not quite the height of a dunce cap. The features of her subject’s printed t-shirt and floral over shirt are provided in expressionistic detail. Jablonsky insists that every detail is preserved, so the image is awash in textures, from the wicker of a nearby chair to the multifarious shapes of background flora—even a tiny cat face on the subject’s sock is rendered with care.

This mode of portrait painting is mingled with something very different, a hybrid painting style that is largely abstract, but has representational leanings. The most masterful example is “wet t-shirt contestant #1” a mass of black and pink with the suggestion of a golden braid falling to the side and breast-like shapes hanging near the bottom of the frame. The subject could be a stone as much as a body, a mere object doused with a green garden hose."

                                                                                                                   -Christopher Russell, for Dog and Pony, Spokane, WA, 2023

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Drawing Amidst Chaos, Oil on Canvas, nfs


It's a Beautiful Hat, Oil on Canvas, $700


Basketball Girl, Oil on Canvas, nfs


Hold On and Let Go, or, the River, the Rope, the Rocks, Oil on Canvas, $500


Flora and Fauna, Oil on Canvas, nfs


The Bat and the Night, Oil on Canvas, $1,000


Loretta Sharpe and the Wildfire, Oil on Canvas, $6,500


Eugene, My Dad, Oil on Canvas, nfs


Ethan and Sienna, Oil on Canvas, nfs/commission


Greg and Jere Canote, Oil on Canvas, on permanent display at the Saranac Commons, Spokane, WA

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