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Photo By Scotty Leach


fiddler, painter, teacher

      Born and raised on a farm just south of Spokane, Washington, Sally Jablonsky has been immersed in traditional old-time fiddling and other styles for 35 years. Since the age of 15, Sally has taught fiddle to all ages of people, privately as well as group lessons. She has taught and performed at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, the Missoula Old-time Social, the Olympia Old-time Music festival, Lady of the Lake Dance camps in Idaho, and the Portland Old-time Music Gathering. Sally has played, recorded and toured with Rabbit Foot Stringband, Dry and Dusty, and the Misty Mountain Pony Club. Jablonsky is dedicated to preserving and carrying on the American past time of oldtime music.  

      When she's not fiddling around, Sally paints, draws, sculpts, and does illustration work. In Jablonsky's more abstract work, she investigates what it means to have an animal body, and how it feels to be on the Earth. In her portraiture, she presents, uplifts, and honors individuals, who in some way create their own set of rules in the face of opressive cultural forces. She holds a BFA in Illustration (2011) from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, and is currently pursuing an MFA in visual studies at that same school.


Milo Krims and Sally playing country music


    About 15 years ago, two friends named Sally and Kittie, wrote a list of things they wanted to try harder to do, and some they wanted to try harder not to do. And so was founded the Try Harder Society. More people joined the THS, and gave themselves titles, and participated in the mandatory societal requirement, which is to try harder to live your own life in your own way that is brave and true. 

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